There Are 9 Different Ways To Prepare Pizza In A Healthy Manner.

Do You Believe That Eating Pizza Will Prevent You From Losing Weight? Well, You Best Start Believing.

To Succeed, All That Is Required Is To Perform Each Step In The Appropriate Manner. That’s What One Pizza Chef In Italy Did, And It Resulted In Significant Weight Loss And An Overall Improvement In His Health.

Ribalta Pizzerias Are Located In Both Manhattan And Atlanta, And Pasquale Cozzolino, A Native Of Naples, Italy, Serves As The Executive Chef And Co-Owner Of Both Locations.

He Was Aware That He Needed To Shed A Significant Amount Of Weight But Came To The Conclusion That He Could Not Give Up His Daily Habit Of Eating Pizza.

Therefore, He Devised A Plan To Reduce His Weight By Consuming Pizza.

According To Cozzolino, “I’ve Tried Traditional Dieting Tactics In The Past With Absolutely No Success.” “I Never Felt Satisfied In Any Way.

The Selection Of Things That Could Be Consumed Was Depressingly Short, Especially For A Cook Who Is Passionate About Flavor.”

Cozzolino Made The Decision To Find A Way To Reduce His Caloric Intake While Maintaining His Daily Pizza Habit.

He Experimented With Ways To Make Pizza Healthier And Fewer In Calories, Employing Practices From Back Home In Naples, Such As Using A Fermented Dough That Was Higher In Fiber.

One Of His Successes Was The Use Of A Dough That Had A Greater Fiber Content. Every Day For Lunch, He Would Consume A Single Slice Of A Small Pizza.

The Remaining Portions Of His Meals Adhered To The Principles Of The Mediterranean Diet.

According To Cozzolino, “I Centered My Meals On Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Fish, And Whole Grains And Used Healthy Fats Like Olive Oil And Avocado In Place Of Saturated Fats.”

“Before I Moved To New York And Started Consuming Fast Food And Sugary Processed Meals, That’s How I Generally Took Care Of My Dietary Needs In Italy,” She Said.

It Was Effective. The Cook Shed 114 Pounds Over The Course Of 9 Months Without Giving Up Pizza, Which Was His Favorite Cuisine.

In His Book “The Pizza Diet,” Cozzolino Details The Amazing Improvement In His Health That He Experienced After Adopting The Pizza Diet.

You Will Find Inside It Fifty Of The Chef’s Recipes For Additional Pizzas That Feature Creative And Nutritious Toppings.

Cozzolino Found Simple Hacks To Help Him Lose Weight While Still Eating Pizza, Including Smart Ways To Cut Calories From Pies That You, Too, Can Use For Both Takeout And Homemade Pizza.

These Smart Ways To Cut Calories From Pies Can Be Used For Both Takeout And Homemade Pizza. Cozzolino Followed The Heart-Healthy Mediterranean Diet.

The Following Are Some Of His Recommendations, And If You Want Additional Advice On How To Eat Healthily, Make Sure To Look At Our List Of The 21 Best Healthy Cooking Hacks Of All Time.

You Will Discover:

    1. Consume A Beverage Before You Eat.

    That Would Be Water. According To Cozzolino, “People Frequently Confuse Thirst For Hunger, Which Leads Them To Seek For A Fork Rather Than A Glass Of Ice Water” When They Feel Hungry. “Have A Glass Of Water Before You Eat; It Will Prevent You From Consuming An Excessive Amount Of Pizza.”

    2. Don’t Eat Pizza That’s Just Cheese And Tomato.

    A Pizza’s Glycemic Index (Gi), Which Is A Measurement Of How Rapidly Blood Sugar Levels Rise In Response To A Specific Food, Can Be Lowered By Adding Toppings That Are High In Fiber And Protein.

    The Gi Is A Measure Of How Quickly Blood Sugar Levels Rise In Response To A Food. On The Glycemic Index Scale, For Instance, A Straightforward Cheese Pizza Receives A Score Of 80 Out Of 100, Whereas A Vegetable Pie Registers In At 49.

    The Ideal Toppings For Decreasing Gi Are Raw Vegetables And Lean Meats Like Chicken Breast Or Other White Meat.

    Warning: Toppings Of Vegetables That Have Been Cooked In Oil Should Be Avoided At All Costs. In Addition To That, Give One Of These 17 Toppings For Pizza A Shot.

    3. Have A Pizza With Red Toppings.

    Instead Of Ordering White Pizza, Go For One With Tomato Sauce Instead. The Deeper Red Color Of The Tomato Sauce, The Better, Because It Has A High Concentration Of Lycopene, An Antioxidant That, According To Some Studies, May Protect The Heart And Lower The Risk Of Some Malignancies.

    Try It For Yourself With One Of These 29+ Best Healthy Pizza Recipes For Weight Loss And See If It Works For You.

    4. Reduce Your Intake Of Cheese In Pizza.

    If You Order (Or Make) Your Pizza With “Half Cheese,” You May Easily Lower The Amount Of Saturated Fat (And Calories) In It By 50 Percent. This Is True Whether The Pizza Has A Basic Topping Or A Vegetable Topping.

    5. Remove The Grease From The Pizza By Blowing It Out.

    When You Look Down At Your Cheese Pizza And Notice A Puddle Of Oil Floating On The Surface, Take A Napkin And Wipe Away The Excess.

    You’ll Cut About 50 Calories From Your Meal And Possibly Prevent Grease From Getting On Your Shirt.

    6. Remove All Liquid Calories.

    The Majority Of Individuals Who Consume Pizza Do It With A Beverage Such As Soda, Sweet Tea, Beer, Or Wine.

    To Eliminate The Additional Calories, Try Substituting Unsweetened Iced Tea Or Water Instead.

    Cozzolino, Who Had A Habit Of Drinking Three Cans Of Soda Every Day, Claims That He “Totally Eliminated Out The Liquid Calories.” “You Are Not Aware Of The Whole Number Of Calories That You Are Ingesting. After I Had Stopped, I Was Able To Notice A Change.”

    7. Have Thin Crust Pizza.

    The Majority Of Pizza’s Negative Health Effects Come From Its Crust, Which Is Often Prepared From Refined White Flour And Contributes The Majority Of The Dish’s Total Calories.

    According To Cozzolino, “It Causes Your Insulin Levels To Increase, Which Causes You To Crave More.”

    I Use A Type Of Flour Called Type 1 Stone-Ground Flour, Which Is More Healthy, And I Let My Dough To Ferment For At Least 36 Hours.

    Because Most Pizza Restaurants Don’t Utilize Such An Expensive Dough, Cozzolino Recommends Ordering Pizza With A Thin Crust To Lessen The Influence That Carbohydrates Have On Blood Sugar Levels.

    8. Raise The Temperature To High.

    If You Add Some Spice To Your Pizza, You Can Mislead Yourself Into Eating Less And Speed Up The Rate At Which Your Body Burns Calories Without Having To Make Any Other Changes To Your Diet.

    According To The Findings Of A Study Carried Out By Researchers From Canada, Males Who Consumed Spicy Appetizers Consumed Approximately 200 Less Calories Than Those Who Chose To Forego The Hot Sauce.

    Add A Few Grinds Of Fresh Black Pepper, Some Red Chile Flakes, Or Jalapeño Slices On The Top Of Your Pizza If You Are Feeling Very Adventurous.

    9. Pizza With Green Stuff Is An Excellent Choice.

    The Results Of A Number Of Studies Conducted At Yale University And Widely Recognised In The Scientific Literature Suggest That Beginning A Meal With A Salad Can Cut The Overall Number Of Calories Consumed By Up To 20 Percent.

    Therefore, To Begin Your Meal Of Pizza, Start With A Substantial Garden Salad. A Minuscule Tablespoon Of Vinaigrette Should Be Drizzled Over The Greens Before Serving.

    According To Some Research, Drinking Vinegar Can Help You Lose Weight By Maintaining A Consistent Level Of Blood Sugar In Your Body.

    In Participants Who Were At Risk For Developing Type 2 Diabetes, Adding Vinegar To A Meal That Was High In Carbohydrates (Like Pizza) Resulted In A 34% Reduction In The Subsequent Rise In Blood Sugar.

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